What we do at Integrative Chiropractic is help our patients

Feel Better, Move Better & Stay Better…so they can LIVE Better!


When most patients show up to our office, they’re usually in some discomfort. Whether from a recent injury or a long standing chronic condition they have been dealing with for many years, our priority is to get them relief so they feel better.


Most pain that our patients suffer from  is either a direct or indirect result of MOVEMENT DYSFUNCTION.  What this means is their area(s) of pain are caused by joints and muscles not moving correctly, usually from repetitive motions and/or sustained postures.  We use specific tests and movement assessments to identify movement dysfunction so we can prescribe the right specific treatment to get our patients moving better.


Feeling better and moving better is great, but even more important is lasting results.  By identifying key factors that are hindering long-term improvement, we provide specific, proven treatments, exercises and advice that help our patients stay better.


Ultimately, our goal is to help our patients live a healthy, active lifestyle.  And when you are feeling better, moving better and staying better, you can LIVE BETTER!